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happy anniversary arashi!

i am proud to be arashian!
arashi~ arashi~ for dream!

i just wanna say thank you for your hardwork :)
thank you for making me crazy about you all
not just me..i think is648y_hsj too
i am so glad to know all of you!
i will keep support you !
nothing regret~~
love you all <3


after one year, finally i met her!
my lovey dovey is648y_hsj
2 days full of spending time with her watching, singing, laughing, and crazy-ing about ARASHI!
we are crazy fans! hahaha


happy birthday nino!!

nino!!! happy birthday to you!
wish you always be young forever, have a lovely voice, kawai face, the best dorama actor ever!! have a blast birthday! rock the arashi! i will always support you! ♡

祝你生日快乐nino! 我最近那么喜欢你! 今天是你的生日,你已经31岁了,但看起来还是25岁啦! 你的脸那么年轻,那么可爱,也好帅! 不怪我那么喜欢你♡♡ !


happy birthday yamada ryosuke

happy birthday my belated yamada ryosuke my ichiban <3
hope you always have a nice smile, hot body, kawai face, kakoi hair style, and many more <3
this means i already 3 years life in this fandom and i still support you and of course heysayjump too <3
have a blast birthday ^0^

with love,
feli :)

kindaichi neo <3

finally! there is new kindaichi drama <3
i always hope that yamada plays role hajime in the dorama
and it becomes true now !!
love yeah~~
cant wait for this dorama ^.^

#excuse my bad english >.<


is there any hey say jump member have LINE ID ??
or do you have any LINE ID ??
if yes,,give your ID and i'll add you =D
arigatou gozaimasu


outanjunbi omedetou YAMA-CHAN!!!!

you are 20 now!!! omedetou =D
i hope you will always make us -your fans- a big smile =D
yamada ryosuke

sorry yama-chan, i can't celebrate your birthday in a good mood
today i had confusing problems
gomen-ne yama-chan >.<
i hope my mood will be better soon :)


hey, please visit http://apitoe.com
that is my class' blog and there are many thing there..

if you have a question about basic chinese language, you can ask me there..and i'll answer you kindly =D
now, it still on prosess and if it done, i'll tell you later
thank you so much =D
arigatou gozaimasu~~


follow my tumblr @feli-yang

first single

happy first single for yamada ^.^
i will always support you and JUMP..